Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Koningsdam 2017, Day 14, Amber Cove, Dominican Republic

The sail into Puerto Plata’s cruise port, Amber Cove, was just beautiful….  Amber Cove was developed by Carnival Corporation and put into service in 2015.  The layout of the place is really nice…  shops, restaurants, zipline, pools, bars, beach…..  Just about everything someone needs for a relaxing day ashore.  The town of Puerto Plata is about 20 minutes away and friends who went there today told me it was about 20 minutes away.  They did a three hour tours for $60, without negotiating…  May try that next time.  Today was all about going ashore, checking the place out and retiring to the Retreat.  I loved the bar up on top of the hill where the zipline runs, great views and wonderful Wi-Fi…  The day was just fabulous!