Friday, November 24, 2017

Dinner on the Koningsdam, the Sel de Mer Restuarant

Holland America has a definite winner with the Sel de Mer experience.  I was not really keen on eating at the Sel de Mer restaurant but went along with the group and was extremely surprised, so much so I have dedicated a separate blog on my experience.  Sel de Mer (sea salt in French) is an intimate French restaurant with a la carte dishes to suit everyone’s palette.  I asked for a blackened Cajun red snapper dish, which by the way was not a menu item, and it was excellent, some of the best I have ever eaten.  We all raved about our food and the service was impeccable.  Our waiter, Franco from Nicaragua, was fantastic, the Maitre’de Jonathan from Aruba was extremely professional and accommodating.  I would recommend this restaurant to anyone and already have another reservation… This restaurant is definitely one of the best Holland America has to offer….


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  1. Jeff, OMG! What a meal! As soon as I saw all of you with your bibs on, I knew it was going to be a wonderful seafood meal. That is quite a bucket. It's a good thing you do a lot of walking while on shore....enjoy, I am counting the days until my holiday cruise on the Prinsendam..........Beachlady