Saturday, November 11, 2017

Koningsdam 2017, Day 25, St. John's, Antigua

Well, here we are at our first stop on this voyage.  We are back to Antigua, first port since the 19th.  It was good to sail in this morning….  It is a really lovely island to see as we sail by….  My plan, once again, was not to spend too much time ashore, preferring the relaxing environs of the Retreat.  The Scott sister’s just joined the ship so I thought they may want to spend a little more time on the island.  I had a very pleasant surprise as we made our way into town, we ran into Ken & Denise, from the UK who I met on the Amsterdam on the Tales of the South Pacific Voyage.  They have sailed here from the UK on the Columbus, a ship berthed next to the Koningsdam.  They follow the blog so they were looking for me to come off the ship first, they were not wrong! Anyway, nice quick visit….  The sister’s and I then trekked around the town for a while and then I headed back…  They stayed behind for a little retail therapy.  The rest of this glorious day was spent in the Retreat.  Loving this voyage!!!!

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