Friday, November 10, 2017

Koningsdam 2017, Day 24, At Sea

Well…..  it’s been a while!  My last post was from Aruba, since then I have had 4 days at sea and a turnover day in Ft. Lauderdale….  Lots of changes.  Gloria went home to Orlando, certainly miss her smiling face.  Ann & Cathy Scott have arrived, we’ll have a great time together.  Also, Leslie Elliott has arrived, always wonderful to see Leslie.  The days at sea have been great, except perhaps today….  Way too many thick clouds and rain for my taste.  We did have a big ray of sunshine….  We finally had a chance to meet Vlad Dragomir, son of our very dear friends Florin & Rodica Dragomir from Romania….  Florin is currently working on the Amsterdam as the Culinary Manager and will be leaving us soon for greener pastures with a big promotion to Hotel Director, well deserved!!!!  Meeting Vlad this evening made our day….  It brought back such fabulous memories of the time we were fortunate to be able to spend with Rodica and Florin…. Some day.  In case you wondered, I am still loving every day here on the Koningsdam.  The ship and crew are just amazing.  The food, entertainment and most of all, the service is impeccable.  Hats off to Hotel Director, Don Habets and his outstanding staff!


  1. What ship will Florin be HD on?

  2. Wonderful post. Great to see the Canadian sisters, eh? Also know Florin and am thrilled to see his son on HAL!

    Very happy to hear you are enjoying the Koningsdam!