Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day 83 Hillsnek Safaris, Amakhala Game Reserve

After arriving into Amakhala it was just minutes before we were heading out on our first game drive...  Our guide was a fabulous guy named Justin.  First drive was just magnificent, the photos tell the story.  Since I am manually posting I will have a very large number of photos in this single post.  Enjoy!  I particularly liked the White Rhino enjoying a good rub on the termite mound....


  1. Fantastic, thanks.

  2. Great shots! Enjoyed this post very much as it reminded me of the safari I was on with the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago in 1984. We were in Tanzania and Kenya with the then zoo director, Les Fisher. Great time. Very happy for you that you had such good animal viewing!

  3. Dear Jeff this is amazing. Your photography is true National Geographic style and quality. Thank you very much for letting us see the beautiful photos.
    Wishing you a great trip and a safe return to the Amsterdam.
    Ferissa & Rafi Rosenblum.

  4. Jeff: While I have enjoyed your entire blog and all the photos these are certainly among the best! Looks like you've had a great time on safari and I look forward to reading more. Nancy

  5. I have gotten behind in looking at your posts and what a great time for me to start catching up. Great pictures! It must have been wonderful to see all these animals.