Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 75 Victoria, Seychelles (Part 1 of 2)

Headed out at 8:00 this morning with Ian, Carole, Cathy & Ann to meet up with Leon, our taxi driver & guide.  First we started in Victoria….  Took photos of the normal sights, Clock Tower, Hindu Temple and spent time at the Sir Selwyn-Selwyn Clarke Market.  Here we spent some time catching a bit of everyday life in Victoria.  It was nice to have our downtown Victoria touring out of the way early so we could focus on exploring the rest of the island.  First we headed across the island to Beau Vollon Beach area….  Beautiful!  Then proceeded to take in the Northern part of the island, stopping at the Sunset Beach hotel for a bit of a break.  We continued on to North Point and back down to Victoria, stopping along the way to see all the magnificent scenery & coastlines here in Mahe.  Then we went up to La Louise Viewpoint for wonderful views of Victoria.  We headed cross island, stopping at Venn’s Town Mission for a very scenic viewpoint.  From there we continued on to Port Glaud.  Then we heads south stopping along the way and spent some time at Anse Takamaka at the Batista Resort….  There was a load of people there from the ship on tour.  It certainly was a beautiful beach.  Our final scenic beach stop was at Fairyland Beach which was certainly one of the most beautiful.  Once we made it back to Victoria, we had had a full day and returned to the ship.  Our taxi driver & guide, Leon Barbe pictured in the last photo on part 2, was fantastic.  If you head out to Victoria, call him at (248) 251-6545.  He has a minivan and is a great guy!  This afternoon was a great sail away celebration as we left the Seychelles and headed to Port Louis, Mauritius….

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  1. Jeff>>Your portrait photography is fantastic! Hope you're shingles pain is better.