Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day 71 At Sea

Another very hot day at sea….  Loving the sunny days but it is really a bit too hot.  We have two more days at sea until we visit Victoria, The Seychelles.  Nice place, looking forward to visiting it again.   Started planning a tour there with Ian & Carole.  We’ll figure something out.  I really loved our visit to Sri Lanka…..  Hope you enjoyed the photos!



  1. Dear Jeff,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures, you have a great talent to capture the sights on your amazing journey, and tonight we think we are the closest to your location (we are in Israel) we wish you a great evening and thank you again for sharing this wonderful blog we feel as we are on this cruise, all the best and have a super cruise Rafi & Ferissa Rosenblum

  2. Jeff, always enjoy the magnificent photos, even more so because we understand the frustration you encounter with the internet on board. By the way, haven't seen the Tan Man it still on board?

  3. Excellent photos. Decided I want to go there soon. Happy St Patrick's Day. Hope you will post some photos of the going-ons!