Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 65 At Sea

Getting pretty hot!  Sizzled out on the pool deck with Ian, Carole, Ann & Cathy for most of the day…..  Pool was very, very  refreshing.  Caught a sea snake on my camera from high up on deck 9, don’t see those very often on the open seas.  Tomorrow we visit wonderful Thailand….  Going to Phang Nga Bay tomorrow with Ian, Carole along with 5 other friends.  It will be extremely hot, high 90s with high humidity…..  should be a great day!




  1. OMG! That is one big snake!! Really rather frightening....

  2. Addendum to my previous comment: great photo and amazing that you saw the snake and were able to take such a clear and excellent photo. With no reference, it is difficult to tell how long the snake is; what would you estimate? Thanks, and thanks for all of your very lovely floral and animal shots, which I especially enjoy.