Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 61 At Sea

The temperatures are getting quite hot as we sail south along the coast of Vietnam making our way to Singapore….  Beautiful day to sit poolside with friends.  As a matter of fact most of the people hanging out at the pool are good friends; Ian, Carole, Ann, Cathy, John, Diane, Cherryl, Larry, Bill and the cameo appearances by Aart, Ellen & Barbie.  It’s quite a fun place.  The pool water felt especially good with the soaring temperatures.   Tonight we had another formal night which started with a large gathering of friends in the Crow’s Nest and continued in the dining room.  We had special guests tonight which included Ian, Carole, John & Diane.  We had a wonderful evening…..




  1. Jeff, thanks for the trips you take for us to enjoy and follow. We met back in 2010 on the Maasdam going to Half Moon Cay. I do have a few questions, on these 100 + day World Tours, does the ship stay full of passengers all the time? How many of the passengers do the full trip?

    Thanks Steve in NC

  2. Ship is rarely at full capacity. Probably 2/3rds do the full world voyage and a number of others do segments.

  3. Jeff - how are the shingles? I felt so bad when I read you had them but it seems you've hardly skipped a beat. Hope you are feeling better.