Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 56 At Sea

Oh my god it’s cold…..  That pretty much sums up today.  It was very cold all day, guess that makes sense when you are heading to the Antarctic.  Well, tomorrow around 8:00 we should arrive at Elephant Island, one of the most northernly islands in the Artic region.  The forecast isn’t looking great for photography, fog and overcast skies…  bummer!  I hope it improves overnight.  This is a huge highlight for this voyage I would hate to see it spoiled by inclement weather.  Today was pretty slow….  I visited with friends and took a nap.  I was a slug!


  1. Hi Jeff,

    When we arrived down in Antarctica, we had fog for the first day but gradually it lifted and we ended up with brilliant sunshine for the four days we were there. I have my fingers crossed for you. So loved the penguin photos, wished we could have seen them for ourselves.


  2. Felt the need to Google slug since Crayola is looking for a new color. Now perplexed trying to figure out if you fall into the slug or sea slug category...