Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 54 At Sea

Today was just too good to be true….  The weather was just perfect on the aft deck, out of the wind.  If you got into the wind it was quite cold but aft, out of the wind it was actually hot.  So…..  I had a nice day out in the sun.  There were a variety of birds cruising along with us, including albatross, which was an interesting sight.  Tomorrow is a pretty big day….  Stanley, Falkland Islands!  I had been here before but failed to make it ashore.  Tomorrow is pretty dicey but I have my fingers crossed that we will make it.  I plan on taking the trek to Volunteer Point to see the King Penguins….



  1. Fingers crossed too. We missed out in 2008 when the QE2 was on her farewell World Cruise and many had booked the cruise to be there when the Falklanders thanked her for her help as a troop ship during the war with Argentina. There were many disappointed people, no doubt including the islanders as well.

  2. Have a great time! I was too sick to go when we were on the Prinsendam last year. I hope you are going on the tour that Mike and Pauline arranged. Have FUN!!

  3. Hi Jeff
    am keeping my fingers crossed for you as well. We made it on Veendam in December and the Volunteer Point trip is FANTASTIC.

  4. Hi Jeff,

    Wonderful photos of the sunset. Hoping you are going to be able to make it ashore tomorrow.