Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 53 At Sea

Today was simply incredible…..  The weather today exceeded all expectations.  We are getting pretty far south and it should be pretty chilly.  Today was just about perfect….  The sun was shining all day, no clouds and just a light breeze.  It was a real bonus to get a day like this.  Tonight was a wonderful formal night.  The dinner was fabulous and our hostess at the table, Jennifer, the German translator from the Front Office was delightful.  After dinner a few of us joined the party in the Crow’s Nest.  It was a fun evening that was made even better by the changing of the clocks so that we gain an hour.  I just hope that tomorrow turns out better than expected as well.  The day after tomorrow we will attempt to visit the Falkland Islands….  Only one out of every two that sail there actually are successful on getting guests ashore.  I have failed in the past, hope this time is better.  It is time to go see some penguins…..


  1. Hi Jeff,

    Really enjoyed seeing your photos to B.A. and Montevideo. You certainly capture the atmosphere of each city with your photos of not only the wealthy but those who are not so fortunate.
    I have my fingers crossed for your visit to the Falklands as were unlucky and couldn't tender in back in 2006.


  2. Fingers crossed that you get to see the penguins!

  3. Hi Jeff,
    Enjoying your photos, especially the Garden and animals. Like the pastel hues of your formal accessories too! Very tropical!
    Glad the weather is co-operating. Hope it holds so you can find the penquins.
    BVH-Groton, CT