Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 43 Recife/Olinda (Part 1 of 2)

I had just an amazing day today….  The sail into the harbor in Recife is truly magnificent.  One of the best sail ins….   Once we docked, Ed, Becky, Mike, Janet & I left the ship first thing and headed for Olinda.  This place was just incredible.  The old churches are restored in a beautiful way.  This is a very colorful city.  Everywhere you look is an incredible sight, very colorful.  I just loved it.  Then we went back to Recife and toured around there for a few hours, finishing up ay the fort.  We walked about 10 miles and I took way too many photos.  As a result, once again, I am doing a double blog post….  Enjoy!




  1. Outstanding photos... really enjoyed seeing all the architecture....the last shot was great, showing both old and new... You really outdid yourself today; a couple of sea days to rest up might be a good thing :-)


  2. Hi Jeff,

    Loved the photo of the Opera House. It reminded me of the one in Manaus. Awesome photos.


  3. Thank you again for awsome photos! I too, really enjoy following your photoblog from this cruise. Next best thing, when I have to work instead of cruising ;-)