Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 40 Belem, Brazil (Part 1 of 2)

We had a wonderful sail into the port of Icoaraci, our tender port for Belem.  I am a bit surprised that there are only about a half dozen people out on the front decks for our arrivals so far on this World Voyage….  Oh well, we all can’t be interested in seeing our arrivals.  The Captain was even taking a photo or two as were sailed to our anchorage.  Allan, Sandra, Ed, Becky, Mike, Janet & I were on the first tender ashore and the first shuttle to Belem as well.  We arrived into Belem a little after 9:00 and we were off and running.  Ed, Becky, Mike & Janet & I headed out to tour the city.  We lost Allan & Sandra somewhere in the markets.  The day was great starting with the fish markets at the Vero-O-Peso market.  Then we headed to the Forte Do Belem (The old fort), the Praca Dom Pedro II and the Catedral de Se.  Then we took the long walk to the Praca da Republica, Teatro da Paz.  Then it was off to the Basillica de Nazare which was just beautiful…..  We then went back to the Ver-O-Peso which was definitely a highlight for the day.  We headed back to the ship stopping at Icoaraci for some photos before returning.  I had so many photos I wanted to share I am doing a double blog today….


  1. Jeff, We're really enjoying your amazing pictures and descriptions of the day's events. 34 degrees here in Manassas. Don & Jane Mc

  2. Jeff,

    Great photos of the sunrise. Am enjoying your blog as usual. You seem to be having a great time this year.


  3. Wonderful photos once again!

  4. They have painted up some of the buildings by the harbor since we were there in April 2010