Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 31 At Sea

I got up this morning and looked at the ship’s status on the television and saw that there was a 48 kt wind across the deck……  That is very breezy!  Anyway, as the morning progressed, Allan, Sandra & I found a nice spot out of the wind and enjoyed the sun.  At 12:30 we went to the Mariner cocktail party which was very nice.  They went from  there to the luncheon and I headed back to the pool.  This evening was the last formal night of the voyage and it was a great evening.  I met a lovely couple from Wales on their first cruise, Lisa & Ian…. Nice folks.  On this voyage I met a number of really great folks including Robert and his brother Michael , Tim & Katy and tonight’s Lisa & Ian….  Tomorrow it’s back to Half Moon Cay, weather permitting…..

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