Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 30 Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas USVI

We arrived early this morning into Crown Bay, St. Thomas just outside Charlotte Amalie to a beautiful sunrise….  I went ashore with Allan & Sandra and we took a taxi into town.  The day was filled with walking around, snapping some photos and sitting down for a nice lunch.  It was a pretty hot day here with the sun really beating down.  After we returned to the port I went back to taking photos of iguanas again as I did 10 days ago when we were here.  They are such posers….  I was going to go to the top of the hill to take a photo of the Amsterdam next to the Oasis of the Seas to show the huge difference in size but the taxis drivers were just a bit greedy today want $30- $60 for the 5-10 minute drive…. Not worth it!



  1. Great set of images! Enjoyed the long shots, the vernacular architecture, and the rainbow... and the sweet reptiles (you are the Iguana Whisperer...) The Oasis is unbelievable (saw it in Ft. L in 2010 just before its maiden voyage and couldn't believe it...over 350 capacity per life boat, whew)
    Happy travels!
    JL :-D

  2. Jeff,

    Incredible photos of the sunrise and of course the iguanas.

    Loving the photos and the journey.


  3. Jeff

    We still cannot believe how awesome your photos are you should be published you have such a great eye for composition!!
    Thanks for letting us come along for the great ride
    Al & Jenn

  4. As enjoy your photos, Jeff. What camera and lens do you use? I hope that in retirement my husband and I will be able to do a world cruise. Until then, I travel through your photos.