Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 28 Bridgetown, Barbados

We had a magnificent day today in Barbados….  Allan, Sandra & I decided to make it a beach day in Barbados.  Instead of going to my old standard, the Boatyard, we went to Carlisle beach.  It was just fabulous!  It is just a short distance from the Boatyard, great beach without the lousy management.  The weather was hot and very sunny.  The sun was so intense I thought I might get a bit fried.  The water was crystal clear, a georgeous turquoise color with powdery sand…. Just perfect.  Tomorrow we get a short day in Fort de France, Martinique….  It has never been one of my favorite islands….  We’ll see what develops.  Getting excited, World Voyage starts Friday!!!!



  1. Your pictures are so beautiful. The colors are amazing. Happy New Year and continuing safe travels.

  2. This beach looks wonderful....glad you are enjoyng yourself and sharing this with all the rest of us! Hmmmm...excuse me while I put another log on the fire...yessiree, you're a lucky man!!!
    JL :-D

  3. I see a day of pics in the lovely market and then back to poolside for some sun.
    I have to agree as it's not one of my favourites either as all streets look as if some one went copy & paste row by row.