Friday, April 10, 2015

Day 201 Meteora, Greece (part 1 of 2)

We arrived in the very early hours of the morning into Pireaus Greece, long before I got out of bed.  Today I began my 3 day overland adventure with my friends Brad, Gloria, Ann & Cathy.  We are visiting the Monestaries of Meteora, Delphi and the Easter festivities at Olympia….  Today we left for Meteora….  The ride was very scenic with snow capped mountains along the way.  Meteora was simply magnificent!  We visited two Monateries that have been converted into Nunneries, first the Holy Monastery of Saint Stephen and then another nunnery, Roussanou Monastery.  The remaining 4 monasteries we were able to see and photograph…  Such a magnificent place!  It was a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday!!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Jeff, we are glad you had another great day. Thanks for taking the time to treat us here at home every day. Helen

  2. Hello Jeff
    Love your pictures Happy Birthday
    take care
    Al & Jenn