Sunday, April 12, 2015

Day 203 Katakolon, Greece

Well, we left Delphi at 8:00 this morning heading to Olympia to join in Greek Festivities and have lunch at the Touris Club…..  The drive was beautiful as we made our way from mainland Greece to the Peloponnese.  It was fairly smoky at spots because everyone is barbequing their lambs for Easter dinner.  We made our way to the bridge that connects the mainland to the Peloponnese near Patre.  Once on the Peloponnese it brought back a lot of memories from when I lived in Araxos back in the 70s…  We made it to the club where we had a fabulous lunch and were treated to a lot of traditional Greek dances….  A number of guests participated as well… It was a fun day!  Then we drove to Katakolon where our ship was berthed.  I went our for a bit and then returned to the ship to rest.  I am pretty exhausted from my lack of sleep last night…


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