Thursday, April 9, 2015

Day 200 At Sea

Imagine that, 200 days gone so quickly!  It was a pretty overcast and chilly day with some rough seas.  It was just a day to visit friends and stay warm.  Tonight we had a magnificent President’s Club dinner.  The food and company were fabulous.  The dinner was hosted by Stein Kruse, CEO Holland America Group & his lovely wife Linda, Orlando Ashford, President Holland America Line, Captain Jonathan Mercer and his wife Karen, Hotel Director Henk Mensink & his wife Christel and Gerald Bernhoft, Director, Mariner Society…..  Everything was just perfection.  Tomorrow, I leave the ship for 2 nights on a Greek Overland visiting the Monasteries at Meteora, Delphi and Greek Easter festivities at Olympia….  I will try and keep up the blog, if possible.



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  1. Jeff.....since you're leaving the ship tomorrow we want to wish you a very happy birthday. Wish we were there with the gang this year, it sounds like you're having a great cruise. Have a great overland (you always do)!!!!

    Mike and Pauline