Saturday, February 21, 2015

Day 153 Perth, Australia (Part 1 of 2)

What a spectacular day!!!!  Paul picked Brad & I up as soon as we got ashore and we were off to Perth.  We stopped by their apartment and picked up Sylvia and we headed to Kings Park for a scenic view of Perth.  We then headed south to Rockingham where we took a ferry to Penguin Island….  It was a fabulous trip, we saw fairy penguins, tons of sea lions, dolphins, pelicans and various other shore birds.  It was the perfect day for someone who has visited Perth on a number of occasions….  I love communing with nature.  After departing Penguin Island, we headed to Mandurah for a wonderful lunch.  After lunch, we headed back north to Fremantle and back to the ship.  It was wonderful having the opportunity to spend the day with Paul & Sylvia, two very special people….  I wish to thank them for providing such a wonderful Aussie experience for Brad & I.  It was just a perfect day!!!!

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  1. Jeff, what a fabulous day!! The photos are wonderful as usual. That was an exceptional experience to see so much wildlife. I know you were in heaven. Beachlady