Saturday, February 14, 2015

Day 146 At Sea

Just a wonderful day at sea….  Hot and sunny, just like I want it.  Tomorrow however, in Adelaide, it is supposed to be 39 degrees Celsius or 102 degrees Fahrenheit….  A bit much!  Anyway, it was an exciting day with hundreds of dolphins riding along with us.  Tonight, we celebrated Valentine’s Day with a formal dinner and Valentine’s Day Ball.  Dinner was excellent and as a special bonus we had Culinary Manager Paul Kerr join us….  The Ball was well attended and lots of dancing going on….  I even danced 3 times which is a rarity….  Great day and evening!



  1. So many familiar faces ... THANKS Jeff for all that you do to make some of us feel we are there with you ALL!
    Debby in the main dining room just like this past year's world cruise ... very special!

  2. Looks as if a good time was had by all. You don't have a red tie and cummerbund set? Looks like you need to add to your cruising wardrobe. :-)

  3. 10/10! What a photo spread.
    Dolphin and people watching: how much better could it be?

    Thanks hugely for taking the time and for everyone for being such good sports in posing for the number 1 photographer on the WC!


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