Monday, February 9, 2015

Day 141 At Sea

This morning things looked a bit ominous but the sun gods prevailed, once again, and we had a beautiful day….  Tomorrow morning, we arrive into Sydney Australia for a 2 day visit.  I am really looking forward to this visit, especially since we will be docking a Circular Quay….  Best spot to dock by far!  It should be a very bust 2 days…..




  1. Your type of 2 days has me intrigued :)

  2. Put our reservations in for 2016 please & thank you!!!
    LOVE being by the Opera House & the Sydney Harbour Bridge!
    White Bay is not inviting at all & so far away ... what were they thinking when promoting tourism sticking us out there with NO form of transportation into the city?

    Looking forward to your pixs !