Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 99 Bridgetown, Barbados

It was off to the beach today….  Corrine & I headed out via taxi to the Crane Beach Resort early this morning.  We checked the taxi’s outside the terminal and they wanted $100 to take us there and back.  If you follow my blog you know what I think about the taxi drivers here, inside the gate…..  not good, all they do is give Barbados a bad name.  So, we went outside the gate and hooked up with a great taxi driver, Anthony, who took us for $40….  Big difference!  If you come to Barbados, give Anthony a ring at 246-245-8837, taxi CM592 ( pictured at the bottom of the post).  He’ll treat you well……   Anyway, we arrived at Crane Beach and got a day pass at the hotel.   Nice place.  We took the beautiful trip down to the beach and settled in for a few hours.  The beach is beautiful and the resort very nice.  When it was time to leave, Anthony was there a few minutes early to take us back to Bridgetown.   On the way back we had a little excitement, the front left tire blew out.  Anthony had it under control and had the tire replaced quickly.  We decided to have Anthony drop us by the marina so we could have a nice walk back to the ship.  We enjoyed our time just meandering our way back to the ship stopping at markets and shops along the way.  It was a very nice day in Barbados….

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  1. great place.. great pics...

    about 10 years or so ago on our first visit to Barbados we hooked up with an older gent taxi cab driver at the terminal... he took us for a great tour of the island.. on the way back just as we got into Bridgetown we had a blowout as he ran off the road.. I decided to change the tire for him because of his age.. his grandson happened to drive by and told me not to bother as I got the wheel off the hub....his spare was the same.. a blowout.. and it sure was.. as he keeps running off the road .. always tells his grandfather not to be driving anymore..way too old.. glad he ran off the road into a shallow ditch with us aboard and not while on top of the mountain on the other side of the island... lesson learned.. pretty good tour though :)