Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 91 At Sea

Today was a very nice and very windy day at sea….  The temperature never got too bad because of the wind.  As we made the turn between Cuba & Haiti to head toward the Bahamas the winds subsided a great deal.  Once again, the day was primarily spent chatting with friends poolside.  Nice day.  This evening I attended a cocktail party for the 200 or so guests that will be continuing on after we debark guests in Ft Lauderdale 2 days from now.  Tomorrow we visit Half Moon Cay, on of my favorite beach stops.  I hope the weather holds….  I hear there is a cold front coming south….  Sounds like a chilly day in Ft Lauderdale.


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  1. Hello Jeff, I will be at Half Moon Cay for the very first time this saturday. Sailing on Maasdam out of Fort Lauderdale this afternoon. I hope for good weather in the caribbean the next two weeks... But anyway I have escaped the freezing Norwegian winter :-)
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!