Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 89 Willemstad, Curacao

Had an interesting day in Curacao….  The sunrise as we sailed in was magnificent!  Curacao is so beautiful as we sail in that I never tire of seeing it.   I left the ship at 8:00 with John and headed out to explore the town of Willemstad.  We walked around checking out the markets and local scenery and even stopped for a cold drink and some free WiFi.  It was a fun morning but I had to be back to the ship mid-day to do a favor for my friend Aart.  Once that was done and I had lunch, John, Peter & I went out for the afternoon.  It was very similar to the morning, take some photos and use the internet….   Peter & I came back to the ship and spent a couple of hours poolside before calling it a day.  Nice day!  We now have two sea days before our next port, Half Moon Cay.





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  1. Lovely photos, but the 1st three are my favorite!