Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 84 Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Imagine my surprise when I went to the forward decks this morning only to discover that we were not going to dock at our advertised port of Puerto Caldera but rather at Puntarenas…..  I was sooooo happy.  Puerto Caldera is nothing but a large container port.  My plan was to take a taxi to Puntarenas but the Captain gave me a lift instead…..  Peter & I got off this morning to explore Puntarenas for a couple of hours and then hit the pool again.  The heat here is pretty intense, not complaining mind you.  We really enjoyed seeing the city.  When I was here with Aart last year it was during some wet weather so today was fabulous.  Loved the markets, the people are so friendly…..  I just enjoy witnessing everyday life at places around the world, meeting people and learning more about them and their culture…   Nice day!!!!



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  1. very nice pics of a friendly town and friendly people..and you lucked out with docking there too... the first time we were there in Puntarenas was in 2008.. the last 3x we stopped there we were stuck in Puerto Caldera at the commercial docks.. according to my 'trusty handheld Garmin GPS' that I always carry on our cruises they are about 8+ miles apart 'across the bay'(as the crow flies).. most times I could see a Princess ship docked there from over in P-Caldera