Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 83 Corinto, Nicaragua

Had a very nice visit to Corinto today…..  I have been here a number of times including last year with my friend Aart.  I basically toured the town via a bicycle propelled “taxi” and by walking.  Peter & John joined me as we checked out everyday life in Corinto.  I guess one of the reasons I like it here so much is because the people are so nice.  I know this is a lot of photos but I wanted to capture the many facets of this wonderful little port town…..  It was an unbelievably hot day today….  After touring Corinto it was poolside for the remainder of the day.




  1. Outstanding job of capturing the every day life in this port!

  2. jeff, you never post too many pictures, especially the wonderful people pictures. i just adore the children...beachlady

  3. jeff, you never post too many photos..especially love the people pictures and adore the children....we also feel the flavor of everywhere you are through all your photos from the flowers to the animals, landscapes, and people. beachlady