Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 81 Huatulco, Mexico

Had a wonderful day today….   I have been to Huatulco numerous times in the past so today I spent just a couple of hours in the port area.  I just walked around the marina, shopping area and beach to take a few photos.  I stopped with Peter & John at on of the beach side restuarants for drinks and WiFi before heading back to the ship.  The rest of the day was spent poolside in hot and sunny weather.  What a day!  Tonight it is formal night and for the first time on this Panama Canal cruise I will get dressed up and visit the dining room, another first…..


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  1. Hi Jeff.

    Playing catch-up-sorry to hear germs are trying to take over the ship.
    I so enjoyed your trip to the San Diego Zoo, good choice. Thanks for all the pictures of the bears and cats.
    The young man who did your characture is very talented, he'd do well with a little booth on deck-too bad it's not allowed.
    Hope the next leg of your journey gives you plenty of warm weather.
    BVH-Groton, CT