Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 79 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

It was a lovely morning as we sailed into Puerto Vallarta…..  Feels so good to be back in hot weather again.  I went ashore with John, we took a taxi to the Malecon and started exploring Puerto Vallarta.  I just wanted to walk a few miles, shop a bit, take some photos and relax poolside for the afternoon.  It was a great walk along the Malecon, such a beautiful morning….  I really got caught up with all the pelicans….  They were wonderful!  We were very fortunate to come across a big celebration at the Church of Nuestra Senora Guadalupe….  The processions of children were priceless….  After covering the Malecon from one end to the other we headed back to the ship.  A quick stop at Walmart across the ship and then it was straight poolside….  Wonderful day!





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  1. Love your pictures Jeff …. they start my morning off with a smile everyday (your pics and a cup of coffee!) Thanks so much!! I especially love the one today of the pelican spreading his wings with the wave in the background … looks like he's conducting the ocean!

    Thanks again!