Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 78 At Sea

It wasn’t the best weather today but it was good enough…..  I sat out all day reading and talking with friends.  The morning was a bit overcast and cool but it improved steadily as the day went on.  I did see a few whales and a bunch of dolphins flying through the air which was quite nice but alas, no photos….   The most exciting thing was getting buzzed by a Mexican helicopter a couple of times.  Don’t know what they were doing or looking for but they were very close to us.  All in all the day was very nice.  Unfortunately, the GI illness problems still plague us and guess what…..  we start visiting Mexican ports tomorrow which will really make thinks interesting…..  Anyone who eats or drinks in Puerto Vallarta better be very careful.  Montezuma is ready to spring into action…..

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