Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 75 At Sea

Today turned out much better than expected…..  I sat out a good portion of the day and enjoyed reading.  Tonight was difficult….. saying goodbye to people that you lived with for 2 ½ months is difficult.  I reunited with some very special friends and made some new friends that are amazing.  It’s a shame things can’t just continue but in the end nothing  ever stays the same, you always have to adapt and move forward.  The good thing is that I am just over a month away from joining my “World Cruise” family which is always very special….  Tomorrow, it’s off to the San Diego Zoo!


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  1. Jeff,

    It has taken me weeks to catch up on your blog as we have been to your part of the world for 5 weeks and then we had another week away down here. I have really enjoyed seeing all your photos, particularly with Larry and Carol, who are friends of ours. Larry's Blog is a long way behind yours and I am not sure if he will get it finished.

    Looking forward to reading and seeing the photos of your next cruise.