Monday, April 18, 2016

2016 Grand World Voyage, Day 104, Barcelona, Spain (Part 1 of 2)

Ann, Cathy and I did a walking tour of Barcelona today.....  Lots of miles!!!  To fill some time before our "Skip the Line" tour of the La Sagrada Familia Basilica, we went to the top of Columbus Monument for a panoramic view of the city. Next, we strolled the famous La Rambla Promenade and visited the La Boqueria market.  The market is an excellent display of fresh produce, meats, fish, baked goods and flowers and flanked by lovely cafes.  In Barcelona, you discover the charming streetscapes, sidewalk cafes and squares bustling with people.  Our journey took us to the Passeig Gracia the best known Boulevard in town. This amazing city also features the world's largest collection of modernist architecture among its many buildings (Casa Batllo) and churches.  Architect Antonio Gaudi has ensured Barcelona's place on the map with the Sagrada Familia Basilica (the holy family church).  I have passed this exquisite church many times but it was my first visit inside...What an amazing sight!!!...the impressive height of the ceiling, the play of light and color make this quite unique on the world scale...the highlight of our day in Barcelona.  Continuing our return stroll down the La Rambla our last stop was the harbor side before returning to the ship.  It was a stellar day weather wise to visit this beautiful city...a wonderful day!!! I felt really great not getting my pocket picked like back in 2012.....  This is part 1.






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  1. Jeff,
    I am so glad that you saw Sagrada Famillia. It is by far my favorite cathedral as it's so organic -- so light and airy. Please send my best to Cathy and Ann and, as always, I continue to find your blog thrilling and inspiring. Kate Ross