Thursday, March 24, 2016

2016 Grand World Voyage, Day 79, Khajuraho, India

This morning we said goodbye to Varanasi and flew to Khajuraho India.  I am very excited about this trip to Khajuraho, it is uncharted territory for me, a new adventure as this is my first visit ....  After checking into the hotel, we set out to visit the temples of Khajuraho.  This was a change to our original itinerary due to the Holi holiday, which seems to be following us.  One of the most popular destinations in India is the Khajuraho Group of monuments and temples of Hindu and Jain religions which are also UNESCO World Heritage sites.  The Western site left us awed with magnificence of their architecture, intricate carvings and most famously, their erotic scrupltures.  The six Western Group temples were built between 950-1050 AD in a truly inspired burst of creativity.  Life in every form and mood has been captured in stone.  A kilometer east of the Western temples lies the Jain or Eastern Group of temples.  This complex was recently developed with shops and small museum displaying Jain images, a hostel for visiting devotees and three temples that depicting themes in charming details.  What a wonderful surprise that awaited us today.....  I am loving Khajuraho!  Tomorrow, Panna National Park for a day of jungle safari....  Really looking forward to looking for some tigers.


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