Thursday, March 17, 2016

2016 Grand World Voyage, Day 72, Phuket, Thailand

What a day.........Ann, Cathy and I began our sightseeing with an early morning departure from the ship making our way to the Tiger Kingdom.....  This was reminencient of a trip to Tiger Kingdom I took with Brad a few years ago in Chaing Mai Thailand. Our panoramic drive allowed the opportunity to view the Big Buddha, a landmark symbolic of Phuket, local markets and busy streets.  A short stop at a jewellery store gave us time to stretch our legs.  Our timing was great for our Tiger Kingdom visit – we received our marching orders for this unforgettable experience.  I have seen tigers many times in my travels to Chang Mai but this was Ann and Cathy’s first experience.  We chose the largre tigers and the ladies overcame their fear of cats and made a vallient effort at petting the tigers, an awesome experience for everyone.  Now what could top the tigers...another first for the ladies, a 30 minute trek on an elephants back.  My guide let me ride the elephant bareback which really gives you the rocking experience.  What gentle giants these animals are, a wonderful time was had by all.....  Our next stop was Patong Beach.  We spent two hours walking the beach, stopped for some cold refreshments, Wifi and some shopping.  This is a beautiful and very popular beach with the tourists that is a tropical setting with white sand contrasted by tourquoise water.  Despite the extreme heat (over 100 degrees),  the day was absolutely amazing.  Tonight we are joining dear friends Leslie and Handler in the Pinnacle Grill to celebrate all our birthdays.....What a wonderful ending to a great day....






  1. Hi Jeff,

    Love following your blog! I'm sure you know that you are like a celebrity to HAL. We were in San Francisco today for a HAL presentation and a picture you (with I think he said Allen and Sandra?)appeared on the presentation video and Gerald Bernhoft went on to tell everyone how long you have been on the ship and now on the WC. Love following the three current blogs and looking forward to our first WC sooner rather than later. Thanks for taking us along all these years and enduring the slow speed on the ship internet. Cheryl Elwood

  2. Hopefully available next time you visit-very pleased that you had a nice day
    Wish you a slightly belated Happy Birthday--catching up now !

    Very pleased you had a nice day-hopefully will here on your next visit
    Wish you a slightly belated Happy Birthday-catching up now !

  3. Jeff, finally some wonderful pictures of you and the sisters enjoying the good life..... I'm not sure I could do the tigers, but o.k. with the elephants...did them in Bali.....Beachlady