Saturday, December 19, 2015

Panama Canal Voyage, San Diego

What a perfect day!  I got an amazing Christmas present, four very close friends surprised me by joining me for this voyage.  It was the best kept secret ever......   Thanks the Brad & Leslie Elliott and Ann & Cathy Scott for such an amazing gift!  I got off the ship early, went to Starbucks and got all my devices updated and then returned to the ship were I saw my friends Aart & Ellen, the day was improving greatly.  It is so nice to see wonderful friends again.  Then I decided to go out and walk about for a while and get some exercise and take some photos.  Once back to the ship I ran into Brad and boy was I surprised... made my day!  We went down to his suite and visited with Leslie until boat drill.  Then, on the way to mu muster station I had the shock of a lifetime and ran into Ann & Cathy.....  What a great surprise!  Well the day was just perfect!  Brad, Leslie, Ann, Cathy & I went to dinner at my regular table, 309 and had a wonderful evening...  This is going to be a great cruise!



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  1. Fantastic for you, Jeff!!!
    And, a great surprise for your readers here to see the familiar faces from the past WCs! Really, really appreciate it that you have posted these photos. Thank you!

    We wish you and all your friends the best cruise and the merriest of Christmases on board!!