Thursday, December 24, 2015

Panama Canal Voyage, Huatulco, Mexico

Well, it was back to Huatulco once again for me.  Ann & Cathy Scott joined me as we went on a hike to the town of La Crucecita, this time the new pathway was open giving you a little bit of a shortcut.  We walked to La Crucecita and explored the shops, took in the sights and stopped at a local restaurant for some refreshments and, of course, WiFi.  The ship’s internet performance is still abysmal.  We had a nice visit to the town and then walked back to the port area for a bit more shopping.  Then it was pool time and I relaxed poolside for the rest of the afternoon.  Wonderful day!


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  1. Hi Jeff,
    Wonderful photos-ones from the Botanical Gardens were amazing. Glad all is going well.
    Merry Christmas. No snow this year and it will be 70 in DC! Enjoy.
    BVH-Groton, Ct