Friday, December 11, 2015

Incan Empires, Huatulco, Mexico

If it seems like we have already been here, you are correct….  We had an overnight here during the first half of the voyage.  We were supposed to go to Zihuatanejo but the hurricane wiped out their dock so…  here we are again.  It was a pretty laid back day, did some walking about for some pics and then settled in for a little Wi-Fi….  The ship’s system has been abysmal……  The Hotel Director, Kees, described the Amsterdam’s system performance as the worst in the fleet…..  Not a good thing for the “Flagship”.  Anyway, it was a relaxing morning poolside and an afternoon ashore.   I am still feeling the glow from yesterday’s adventure.   I am looking forward to tomorrow’s day at sea….


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  1. during my last world cruise on the amsterdam in 1014 the internet was a definete pain in the butt, they even reimbursed us for lots of wasted minutes and hours. seems they have not learned their lesson and the internet is still in the same pitiful state. they claim to have the most modern electronic equiment on boeard....but when it comes to internet - the same procedure as every year. plain rip-off. i think they have no interest to improve their services because its a plain cash cow......