Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day 130 Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Did I say Cook Islands?  Not so fast!  We made a gallant try at two separate anchorage locations but the winds and swell just wouldn’t allow tender operations today for our visit to Rarotonga….  Pity, I have visited here before and it is a pretty lush and mountainous island.  So off to the west we sailed…  There was one more complication, a Tropical storm is brewing off to the west which means we will cancel our next port of call at Alofi, Nuie and proceed to Nuka’alofa Tonga.  We will arrive, after crossing the International dateline and losing Friday, January 3oth, and arrive in Tonga on Saturday January 31st at 7:00 pm….  Have to get in Saturday night because Tonga is a very religious Kingdom and the place closes down on Sundays….  We will stay until 4:00pm Monday, February 2nd and then be back on our regular schedule and head off to Auckland, New Zealand.  So today turned out to be just a relaxing day, finally finished reading ‘Game of Thrones’, that is one long (5 books) kindle book…. 

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  1. to bad you didn't make it in to the port. So I guess you'll have to book the GW16 voyage? That way you can go explore again.