Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Day 116 At Sea

Today was the first of 8 consecutive sea days as we make our way to Nuka Hiva, French Polynesia….  What a great start, it was simply spectacular!  Hot, sunny weather with a wonderful breeze….  My kind of weather.  I did take a short beak in the afternoon to attend Arts & Craft class with Brad & Gloria.  They we doing button covers associated with your Mariner status, so I made two President’s Club logo button covers, as pictured.  They look pretty good, much n=better than my lousy picture indicates.  Had a great evening spent with my friends, cruise is going extremely well.  Enjoying every day!!!!



  1. great pics and great pins. keep up the work. I know its hard being a beach bum. lol

  2. LOVE the buttons! Now, to get out your sewing kit???
    Thanks for posting these photos! Everyone looks so happy: great to see!