Sunday, January 11, 2015

Day 113 Transiting the Panama Canal

Today we transited the Panama Canal leaving the Caribbean Sea and arriving in the Pacific Ocean.  We arrived at the Gatun Locks around 7:00 this morning just after sunrise.  We transited the three locks and entered Gatun Lake and started our journey across the canal and about 5 hours later we passed Gamboa where the maintenance Division is headquartered.  This is about the halfway point in the canal.  Today was extraordinarily hot!  The temperature and humidity was overwhelming, even for a sun worshipper like me.  Later in the afternoon, we transited the Pedro Miguel Lock shortly thereafter, the Miraflores locks.  We were out of the locks around 5:00 with some nice views of the Panama City skyline….  It was a wonderful day!!!!


  1. Jeff, I don't know how you do it, but you make your photos of the transit so different, and as interesting as the first time you did many times has it been now? Beachlady

  2. Hi Jeff,
    Glad you had clear weather for the transit. Pictures are wonderful, especially like the one with tug mirrored on ship's side and the sailing ships.
    The island pictures were probably the most colorful you've taken other than the Botanical photographs.
    Enjoy yourself.
    BVH-Groton, Ct.