Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Day 108 At Sea

Just a picture perfect day!  What a grand way to start a world voyage…..  I am still running into lots of old friends from previous Grand/World Voyages all over the ship.  It certainly is a nice reunion…  There is a fairly large group of people who seem to frequently sail on Grand Voyages and why not?  They are a wonderful way of seeing the world.  Dinner tonight was wonderful, nice group of friends to dine with every night.  After dinner I went to the show with Allan & Sandra to see Bobby Brooks Wilson, son of Jackie Wilson.  It was a fantastic show, one of the best!  Hopefully they will have him on for another show.  I have included a few photos taken yesterday as we embarked.  I boarded the ship with Allan & Sandra and we had photos taken with Cruise Director Gene Young, , Captain Jonathan Mercer, the Director of the Mariner Program, Gerald Bernhoft, and Hotel Director Henk Mensink.


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  1. Thanks, Jeff, for the boarding photos!
    Love to see the smiles and some crew and pax I know.