Sunday, January 4, 2015

Day 106 At Sea

Another wonderful day at sea aboard the ms Amsterdam….  Today was the last full day of this voyage as we pull into Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow morning.  Tonight we said our thanks and goodbyes to Captain Fred Eversen, a great Captain and wonderful friend.  My friends & I had dinner in the Pinnacle Grill which was simply fantastic, Chef Joseph outdid himself, once again….. Tomorrow we begin the 2015 Grand World Voyage, very exciting times!


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  1. Jeff, thanks for the continuing photo blogs.
    I know you are a 'walker', and I have previously mentioned the Camino Frances. For fun, you might run across someone aboard who has friends/family who have previously made one of the several Iberian Peninsula camino walks. Or simply, 'YouTube' video search "Camino Santiago", and watch to see if you'd be interested in a month-long adventure. Primarily, it's a younger folk endeavor, but there mare many old folks like ourselves who plan such a pilgrimage.
    Enjoy Day1 of this years WC. Hope the internet continues to be friendly. Have mucho fun!