Friday, December 26, 2014

Day 97 Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

We had a lovely sail into Crown Bay, the old submarine base outside Charlotte Amalie…..  Ann, Cathy & I hooked a taxi to town and got there before the stores opened.  We ended up walking over to the Havensight side and took the cable car up to Paradise Point for some spectacular views.  Had my photo taken up there with some lovely parrots…  very cool!  We then headed back to town and spent some time in the shops.  On the way back to Crown Bay we went up the mountain to take some photos of the Queen Mary 2 alongside the ms Amsterdam, a bit of a size difference. Once back I spent some more time in the shops and checking out all the iguanas that live in the rocks by the harbor…..  We had a wonderful taxi driver on the way back to the ship, Mr. Vincent Vanterpool, 340-776-3248,  In a city where a fair number of the taxi drivers are a bit difficult, it is nice to come across a real gentleman……  Cocktail party tonight with the Captain & Hotel Director, my friends will be there so it should be a lot of fun!



  1. Hi Jeff, Ann here I am friend of Gloria Frank, I live in Las Vegas. Any way I see you have one of my favorite ships next to you. Q Mary 2. Back in the day I did 2 worlds and many other destinations on the QE2; she was a great ship.
    I followed you last year and so far this year. It is great to sail with you. Your photos are wonderful. When you were on the Statendam last year, I had been on that cruise several times. She is a great ship; I had sailed on her many times to other destinations.
    Like you I am sun person. I know the fantail well on each ship I sail on.
    I am LQQking forward to the up coming World 2015.
    Aloha Ann

  2. Jeff: Merry Christmas from Tidewater! Fantastic photos - as usual!

    Truly missed you this year! Hope to see you real soon.

  3. Jeff, I think I see a sea gull flying in the middle of the first sunrise your sunrise and sunset photos. Just exceptional. Beachlady

  4. Jeff, I think I see a seagull in the middle of the first sunrise photo. Always exceptional sunrise and sunsets from you........Beachlady