Sunday, December 21, 2014

Day 92 At Sea

It was a perfect day to end this wonderful voyage….  The weather was just spectacular!  Some of my close friends will debark tomorrow so that is a bit sad but, just one step closer to the World Voyage.  My tablemates and I will dine in the Pinnacle Grill tonight for our final night of this voyage.  Tomorrow we start anew with a whole new group and….  More kids.  Hope they all have a great voyage and a wonderful Christmas & New Years.  I will be picked up by my friend Tom tomorrow and one of the things on the agenda, update all the computers and devices….  That’s a chore.  Next up, the Amsterdam’s 14 day Caribbean Holiday Voyage….



  1. Jeff you will make a great Santa for the children boarding.

  2. Wonderful photos, Jeff!
    Could you please say "Selamat Natal" to DRM Indra from Patricia and ask him to read his email!

    And a very Merry Christmas to you and all the crew on the Amsterdam!