Thursday, December 18, 2014

Day 89 Transiting the Panama Canal

In the early morning hours we got into position to transit the Panama Canal from the Pacific to the Caribbean….  I can’t believe I got up at 5:00 after having done this so many times but….  It always is intriguing and always different.  We sailed under the Bridge of the Americas as we made our way to the Miraflores Locks with its 2 chambers.  Then we headed to the Pedro Miguel Lock (1 chamber) which put us 85 feet above sea level.  We sailed under the Centennial Bridge as we approached the Culebra cut….  At the midpoint we passed Gamboa where the Maintenance Division is headquartered.  Then we sailed through Gatun Lake until we reached the Gatun Locks later in the afternoon.  For a canal transit, the weather wasn’t so bad.  It can really be hot and oppressive but today was not too bad.  It was a wonderful transit and I look forward to doing it again (opposite direction) in just a few weeks on the World Voyage….



  1. How do you post so many pictures on a cruise ship's internet? I've tried and wait forever for just one to post on BlogSpot or wordpress. Do you use flickr or some other 3rd party site?

    Love the pics! So envious of your trip.

    1. I send them via email at a reduced size....

  2. Thanks I'll try that. Through your blog on last year's world cruise I discovered an old work friend of mine was on board with you...B. Nesbitt.

    Again thanks for the info and pictures