Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Day 81 At Sea

It was a pretty nice day for the most part, not quite as sunny as yesterday but pleasant none the less……  Around 2:00 PM we sailed by Cabo San Lucas, too bad….  Great port!  It would have been nice to stop for a visit.  I have a friend Diana whom I have known since 5th grade who lives there….  Maybe next time!  This evening I was invited, along with a number of friends, to a cocktail hosted by our Captain, Fred Eversen…..  It was a wonderful evening!  Tomorrow we hit our first port, Puerto Vallarta.  It should be a nice day.



  1. Hi, Jeff

    Enjoying your photos and love recognizing passengers! Nice to see everyone having such a good time. Captain Fred is a fav and it is super to see him in your photos.

  2. always the same faces........

  3. Actually, close to half the people pictured there haven't been in my blog before...... There are a lot of repeats normally because they are my friends......