Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 130 Moorea, French Polynesia

Today was another wonderful day in Moorea…..  Loved staying in the huts over the water.  It’s fabulous to sit there and look at all sorts of sea life pass by.  We spent the day at the Intercontinental Resort and then headed back to the ship mid-afternoon.  It was such an amazing experience to stay there.  Moorea is truly a beautiful place to visit.  Tomorrow we visit Bora Bora which itself is another beautiful location.  Great day!  Sorry for being late….  Ship internet not working properly, grrrrrrrr!




  1. Beautiful pictures Jeff! Loved the dolphin ones! Thanks!

  2. I can't choose which of today's photos is my favorite....they all are spectacular.

  3. Extremely hard to find any comparable scenery here-just as one imagines the South Pacific to look

  4. How cool was it to sit in your bungalow, watching spinner dolphins perform just for you & gaze out on the Amsterdam in the harbor???