Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 124 At Sea

Well, after an exciting day at Easter Island it was nice to have a day at sea…..  Actually, we will have about 5….  2 days at sea, a day sailing around Pitcairn Island (no landing) and 2 more days at sea before Papeete, Tahiti.  It was a really nice day today.  Especially loved the Mongolian Barbeque, one of my favorites!   Tonight was pretty exciting as well…..  Just before going to the show, I watched my friends Allan & Sandra play poker in the casino and Allan had a Royal Flush….   Don’t see those very often.  Looking forward to another great day tomorrow.



  1. GREAT that you could go ashore and that you have internet !

    Certainly is a very unique place and as usual your many great photos give a superb insight into this isolated island

    Multissimas gracias !

  2. WTG Allan!! Woot, woot! I had a Royal Flush a few months ago followed 4 hands later with quad aces. Amazing feeling getting hands like that. I bet everyone will be talking about his Royal for months to come!