Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 107 Ft Lauderdale

Well, here we are off on another World Voyage….  What an amazing experience!  It is such a fun time seeing old friends again and meeting new ones.  This voyage promises to be an excellent one, we have some wonderful side trips planned, Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat and South African safaris….  We start with two days at sea and then Cartagena, Columbia….  Should be fun….


  1. Bon voyage! I saw all the ships incl Amsterdam when I flew out of Ft Lauderdale yesterday. I will enjoy your blog and photos from the world cruise.

  2. Hi Jeff, I like foto nr. 16 very much, regards Hermann

  3. After following your blog for so long, it was really great to meet such a great guy !

    Thanks to you and Corrine I had a wonderful cruise and so pleased to now
    have you both as my friends

    Bon voyage and hasta la vista in Phuket

  4. Been following your blogs for many years....our grandkids have been looking at the pics since they were babies, this year our 8 year old granddaughter, Abigail, will be following the World Cruise right along with you! Safe Journey!

  5. Hi Jeff,

    Bon Voyage! Lovely way to begin a new year with old and new friends and new adventures ahead.
    So enjoyed the cloud and sun pictures. You always seem to find something "new" in your photos, I look forward to each new day's
    collection. Thank you for sharing them.
    BVH-Groton, Ct

  6. Hi Jeff,

    I am looking forward to your photos and blog on this World Cruise. You will be doing a lot of what we have seen and done so I am really looking forward to reliving our adventures through your camera. Enjoy.

    Jennie (Australia)

  7. jeff, i'm so excited for you. bob and i were with you in o7 on the Machu Picchu overland and i went to Angkor Wat in 08, but you did it on your own that year and not with our group. looking forward to seeing your amazing pictures every day. beachlady

  8. jeff, p.s. stay safe......beachlady

  9. Enjoy your trip, will enjoy your blog and pix! Have friend on that ship, maybe you'll get to meet them. Ileana from Miami

  10. Enjoy your trip! Will follow your blog and photos. Have friends on that ship, maybe you'll meet them. Safe cruising!

  11. Ah ... I see "my girls" (Violetta, Ping, Rene). Take care of them ... and don't call Violetta "Hatchett" or I'll show up there and kick your butt (ha)!! "Legally Blonde"